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Employee health benefits and premium primary care coupled with health insurance at just Rs.99.

Flip Plus Membership

Our healthcare membership costs 60% less than other market health packages.


Our pricing is completely transparent, with no additional paperwork or charges.

Hassle-free Process

Quick and easy, payments to ensure value-for-money.

Best-in-class health insurance at affordable price

Your teams want health insurance that comes with no surprises, no hidden costs & no out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Covid-19 treatment included & No waiting periods
  • Pre-existing diseases covered
  • Dedicated dashboard for team management and plan usage monitoring

Comprehensive at-home health benefits

Almost every employee needs to visit a doctor once in a few months. But your insurance doesn’t cover these visits. Consulting doctors at the right time leads to early disease detection, faster recovery, and better health.

  • Unlimited consultations to ensure prompt diagnosis and recovery
  • Round the clock access to AI Physician for prompt diagnosis
  • Access to experienced fitness trainers and nutrtionists

Subscribe at just Rs.99/month

Get access to unlimited doctor consultation, Diagnostics, fitness tracking & more.

Our membership makes a difference in:

Health Benefits
Save on rates
Fast Process

Our Customers

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" Getting medical care through Flip Health was most convenient and comprehensive health experience I've had in quite a while. I feel comfortable using Galileo for the majority of my health needs. "

- Akash Sigh

" I’ve been surprised at how responsive and thoughtful the Flip Health doctors have been so far. It's hard for me to see going back to a traditional practice. "

- Varun M

" I love how Flip’s docs really listen and try to understand me and my goals, instead of just making assumptions. "

- Aarti

"So nice to see my medical records finally all in one place!! Really lets me manage my medical issues better."

- Shruthi Rathod

How it works?

Simplified purchase and setup process for your health insurance and benefits.

  • No more negotiations with your broker and agents
  • Get transparent pricing directly from the insurer
  • Customize your insurance and benefits to your needs
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