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Introducing COVID-19
Diagnostics and Care Assistant tool

A set of solutions designed to help quickly identify coronavirus symptoms and get reliable care regarding COVID-19 concerns.

COVID-19 Support

Helped more than 20,000 users diagnose coronavirus symptoms


Our product was tested internationally, both in the USA and India.

AI Diagnosis

More than 50,000 people are using our product to assess more than 300 diseases

Work Process

How it works ?

No matter how you decide to use the tool, you can help many. Act now.


The COVID-19 health risk is clearly stated at the end of the interview thanks to the five-level triage.


Our Medical Team has prepared detailed recommendations and advice on what to do next depending on the interview results.


We provide doctor support so users know who to contact in an emergency.

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AI efficiency


AI Medical Evaluations done


Diseases can be identified


Symptoms Diagnosed

How to use it?

We’ve created this tool for the benefit of both communities and individuals. We believe we can prevent panic and relieve health systems by providing quick access to credible and medically correct information.

  • Use API. Use the COVID-19 Risk Assessment API in your own way. It is available for hospitals, diagnostic centres and corporates so you can do your best to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Share. We have extended the functionality of Flip Health, our symptom checking app, to assist patients with coronavirus-related health concerns.

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