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Family doctor,

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Start with Flip Health that can provide everything you need to keep yourself healthy. 24/7 access to doctors and the smartest symptom checker on the planet.

24/7 access to doctors

Unlimited Consultants

Smart AI Symptoms check

Helping users at the first sign of symptoms

AI Physician is the ideal tool to assist users in preliminary diagnosis. Using AI to diagnose, it then guides users to appropriate care.

  • Minimize over and under triage
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital visits
  • Treat through teleconsultations

Chat with a doctor 24/7

Convenient text or video-based care is available whenever you need it. Pay just Rs.99 a month for unlimited consultations.

  • Acess to unlimited online doctor consultations including specalists.
  • Our pharmacists are just a chat away to clear doubts.
  • We offer free lab tests when suggested by doctors.

Fitness & Nutrition Support

Liberating the journey of healthy, body-positive and lasting changes through proper healthcare service.

  • Custom workout plans from trainers.
  • Tailored meal plan depending on BMI.
  • Excellent support from nutritionists.

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